Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Life

My second day of exercising... I feel much better already... As always, to start is the hardest. I barely finish my walking in treadmill - 3.0 inclination, 3.0 speed for 20 minute - about 1.10 miles. Can do more biking today but still not as long as I want.

After that, I decided that I want to walk outside of the hotel for some reason. Before I know it, I have walked 4x the parking lot hotel - not too big - 4 rows with maybe 10 cars each rows. The weird thing is that I didn't feel tired... I felt energized. I even asked the hotel receptionist the location of the stairs and took the stairs to 5th floor. (Barely make it but at least I did).

The big question is that WHY? why I suddenly decided that it is time for me to take control of my life instead of pity myself? (I pity the fools :P)

Well... I like a girl and I told her how I feel (In kinda creepy way... oh well... learn from mistake) but I feel like I'm not good enough for her. She deserves a better man. I want to make her happy, make her proud... Anyway.... things do not looks good cause ever since that time, she has been totally ignoring me but I won't give up. I will continue with my exercise and hopefully one day, I can be the one.

Feel kinda sad how things work out but I won't cry in public. In private... maybe... he he he he

I, myself, wonders... what so special about this girl??? I like other girls before and even when I was trying to get a girl for 5 years.... never a second in my mind to be a better person.
We've known each other for a while but we barely know each other... just few occasion hanging out - I can even list all the places we went to together (movie, disneyland, her cousin's place and she cooked delicious dinner, Shabu shabu place in downtown).....
Its just during the trip.... I feel the chemistry.... I feel something that I never felt before... I feel that I found the one for me. Sounds creepy.... I even scared of myself. (not scared enough to pee myself... sorry jane... I know you gonna ask that)....

Anyway... have to go back to work before I go to bed.

Closing remarks: exercise ... checked; eating healthy.... hmmm can we do one at a time?? :)

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