Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Life

My second day of exercising... I feel much better already... As always, to start is the hardest. I barely finish my walking in treadmill - 3.0 inclination, 3.0 speed for 20 minute - about 1.10 miles. Can do more biking today but still not as long as I want.

After that, I decided that I want to walk outside of the hotel for some reason. Before I know it, I have walked 4x the parking lot hotel - not too big - 4 rows with maybe 10 cars each rows. The weird thing is that I didn't feel tired... I felt energized. I even asked the hotel receptionist the location of the stairs and took the stairs to 5th floor. (Barely make it but at least I did).

The big question is that WHY? why I suddenly decided that it is time for me to take control of my life instead of pity myself? (I pity the fools :P)

Well... I like a girl and I told her how I feel (In kinda creepy way... oh well... learn from mistake) but I feel like I'm not good enough for her. She deserves a better man. I want to make her happy, make her proud... Anyway.... things do not looks good cause ever since that time, she has been totally ignoring me but I won't give up. I will continue with my exercise and hopefully one day, I can be the one.

Feel kinda sad how things work out but I won't cry in public. In private... maybe... he he he he

I, myself, wonders... what so special about this girl??? I like other girls before and even when I was trying to get a girl for 5 years.... never a second in my mind to be a better person.
We've known each other for a while but we barely know each other... just few occasion hanging out - I can even list all the places we went to together (movie, disneyland, her cousin's place and she cooked delicious dinner, Shabu shabu place in downtown).....
Its just during the trip.... I feel the chemistry.... I feel something that I never felt before... I feel that I found the one for me. Sounds creepy.... I even scared of myself. (not scared enough to pee myself... sorry jane... I know you gonna ask that)....

Anyway... have to go back to work before I go to bed.

Closing remarks: exercise ... checked; eating healthy.... hmmm can we do one at a time?? :)

Its Time

My auntie Jane keeps complaining that my blog is more like Lakers's life instead of mine. (I only have 1 follower and she complained and complained.... can you imagine if I have 100 followers... he he.. pun intended Jane... you know I love my auntie)... anyway... I told her its coming....

Well i have decided that I will use this blog to tell my friends about my journey as travelling trash man :)

Brief explanation: I work in a trash company (picking up trash) and currently on project where I have to travel. I am not actually travelling from place to place.... I am currently in Phoenix for next year or two but my hometown is LA so I still consider that as travelling and hence the name. get another of your wish... now... can you fulfil my wish and finish setting up your facebook profile??? :)

BB05 aka Nd2W

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kobe vs Battier

My auntie Jane wants to see some pics so here it goes :)

This is pic of Battier guarding Kobe - "Hands on Kobe's Face"

what interesting is that he is so good at doing this. He always pulls his hand out right before touching Kobe to avoid getting call for foul.

Funny how Jeff Van Gundy said that Battier can be pick pocket once his career in basketball is over :)


Is about time.... the series shouldn't last this long especially after Yao, Mutombo, McGrady out for rest of season. No matter how much you want to blame Lakers for not performing, we still have to give credit to the Rockets for playing hard. Its been a weird series because the team that leads after first quarter, always win the game. Anyway... now that we have closed the series with Rockets, Lakers need to play much better basketball to be able to beat Denver.

Series will start on Tuesday and for sure I will bug Aaron & the rest of the hotel peeps (for sure they will root the Nuggets just because I like the Lakers) :) Maybe I should stream from hotel lobby again next week. Hope work not too busy so have few hours to waste.

Great Job Pau, Bynum on game 7 but man of the match for the series will go to Shane Battier from the Rockets. Hmmm Mitch.....(Kupchack, Lakers GM) you might want to get Battier for next season :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

First post - its all Jane's Fault

My first post on this blog. Pretty much I promised my auntie Jane that I will have blog (and update it periodically) if she opens Facebook account.

She fulfilled her end of agreement so I am fulfilling my part.

Auntie Jane.... this blog is for you :)