Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Time

My auntie Jane keeps complaining that my blog is more like Lakers's life instead of mine. (I only have 1 follower and she complained and complained.... can you imagine if I have 100 followers... he he.. pun intended Jane... you know I love my auntie)... anyway... I told her its coming....

Well i have decided that I will use this blog to tell my friends about my journey as travelling trash man :)

Brief explanation: I work in a trash company (picking up trash) and currently on project where I have to travel. I am not actually travelling from place to place.... I am currently in Phoenix for next year or two but my hometown is LA so I still consider that as travelling and hence the name. get another of your wish... now... can you fulfil my wish and finish setting up your facebook profile??? :)

BB05 aka Nd2W

1 comment:

ForestJane said...

I have internet now, at least. :)

Just in time for badge day too!